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The Ultimate Travertine Forum for Travertine Pavers, Travertine Tile and Pool Coping

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Knowledge Base

  1. Travertine Pavers 

    1. Is there such a thing as thin travertine pavers?
    2. Installation and Care around Salt Water Pool
    3. Travertine in Freeze/ Thaw Climates
    4. Vein Cut Travertine Pavers
    5. How can I kill weeds between my outdoor travertine pavers without damaging the pavers?
  2. Travertine Paver Installation 

    1. Can I install travertine pavers on concrete ?
    2. travertine paver installation on a highly expansive soil
    3. Should I leave a gap (grout lines) between my Travertine Pavers?
    4. Using both Travertine tiles and Travertine Pavers to flow together
    5. Can a plate tamper be used to set travertine pavers on a dust install?
  3. Shipping 

    1. Shipping (Lift Gate vs. Forklift)
    2. Can the Travertine Pavers be dropped in our backyard at the time of delivery?
    3. Delivery Time
    4. Percent Breakage upon Delivery
    5. Can I get lift gate or forklift for delivery?
  4. Pool Coping 

    1. Using Travertine Pavers all the way to the Pool Border (instead of Pool Coping)
    2. 4x9 Travertine Remodeling Pool Coping
    3. Durability of Travertine Pool Coping
    4. Do you have 2 inch thick Pool Coping?
    5. Using Travertine Pool Coping as a border with Travertine Tiles
  5. Travertine Tile 

    1. Travertine pavers around a chlorine pool
    2. Travertine tiles for bathrooms and showers
    3. Are Travertine Tiles suitable for the entire home?
    4. Travertine Tile vs Ceramic Tile for Outdoor Patio Usage
    5. What is the difference between travertine tile and travertine pavers?
  6. Travertine Tile Installation 

    1. Travertine Tile for Pool Decking
    2. Travertine Patio tile
    3. What is the best product to use to stick down the Travertine Tile?
    4. Tile Installation for a Screened-in Porch
    5. Is it necessary to grout Travertine Tiles indoors?
  7. Pool Coping Installation 

    1. What type of mortar to use when installing travertine coping
    2. How to retrofit Travertine Pool Coping over an existing concrete slab?
    3. Travertine Pool Coping Installation
    4. Expansion Joints in Northern Climates
    5. Pool Coping Installation with no mortar joint
  8. Samples 

    1. Free travertine sample shipping?
    2. Samples
    3. Can I purchase actual samples of bullnose coping?
    4. New Pool Construction with Travertine Pavers
    5. Can I get a sample shipped overnight to me?
  9. Travertine Warranty 

    1. Warranty on Travertine Pavers or Installation?
  10. Travertine Maintenance 

    1. Weed killing between travertine pavers
    2. Travertine turned geeen from water in shower
    3. Moss growing between travertine tiles on patio, what to do?
    4. Efflorescence on Travertine
    5. Wine spills on Travertine pavers
  11. Sealing Travertine Pavers 

    1. What is the best sealer for Travertine Pavers?
    2. Travertine Pavers for a Midwest Salt Water Pool
    3. Salt water and sealer
    4. What are the pros and cons of sealing travertine pavers?
  12. iPad App 

    1. Travertine Mart's iPad App
  13. Ordering Travertine 

    1. Tile vs pavers
    2. How much extra material should I order?
  14. Professional's Corner 

    1. Travertine blocks for a gazebo
    2. Contractor Pricing
    3. Travertine Pool Patio Sealer and Enhancer
  15. Travertine Information 

    1. Travertine as kitchen counter?
    2. Should we use travertine pavers or tiles on an existing outdoor overlay on concrete in Indiana?
    3. Country of Origin
    4. Travertine Retaining Wall and Fire Pit
    5. Cool temperature travertine - Solar Reflective Index
  16. Travertine Patterns 

    1. size of travertine pavers to use on a large pool deck
    2. What to buy help!
    3. What is the French Pattern?
    4. Is french pattern suitable for small covered screen porch?
  17. Tile Installation 

    1. Travertine Tile Installation with Plywood Subfloor on Raised, Covered Porch
    2. Installation for travertine tile and travertine paver
    3. Can I use travertine tile on gravel and sand base?
  18. All articles 

    1. Travertine Mart's iPad App
    2. Travertine Tile Installation with Plywood Subfloor on Raised, Covered Porch
    3. Travertine blocks for a gazebo
    4. Tile vs pavers
    5. Shipping (Lift Gate vs. Forklift)
    134 articles 

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