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Shipping (Lift Gate vs. Forklift)

Question: How do homeowners handle unloading of a shipment? Do your trucks have a forklift on them?

Answer: For deliveries to most parts of the country, we provide lift gate service with a pallet jack. Lift gate service is a curb-side delivery and is not the same as forklift service. The driver may require help even if just to get some momentum while using the pallet jack.

There is a 20,000 lbs limit for orders using lift gate service. With 1.25" thick Travertine Pavers that limit translates to 1,330 sqft.  With .5" thick Travertine Tiles, the limit is 3,000 sqft.

Any orders more than the 20,000 lbs would require a forklift (piggyback) on the job site. Usually your contractor will have access to this equipment. 

Approximate weights per pallet or crate are between 2500 lbs to 3000 lbs.

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