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Travertine Mart's iPad App

You can download Travertine Mart iPad App at the App Store.

This app is designed for designers, architects, pool builders, general contractors and paver installers to use. It is a great tool for any professional trying to sell travertine pavers and tiles at client’s home. Our app does not contain any prices and is labeled with our logo only during the intro of the app and in the virtual patio designer. This is your professional grade no-label tool to use while selling your services and products to homeowners. It will help boost your sales and productivity tremendously.

The app provides:

-3D Virtual Patio Designer, where you can show clients what their deck will look like using our travertine pavers. You can change the color of the walls and apply different colors/sizes of pool coping/travertine pavers.

-Floor Finder Tool – which products are right for the specific areas.

-Benefits of travertine pavers

-Different types of travertine pavers and their uses

-High Definition pictures of travertine pavers

-Finished Projects Gallery using travertine pavers

-Installation information and different patterns and layouts

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