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Using Travertine Pool Coping as a border with Travertine Tiles

Question: I have a job that entails putting Travertine (I hope) on a raised covered porch -- on a plywood base. The pavers, at 1.25" seem too thick, and the .5" products all seem to say "use indoors, or on a concrete base". Please advise. I am interested in a walnut quality color (light/medium brown) with interesting highlights. I will also need bullnose trim around theoutside of job -- either a matching color or something complementary.

Answer: The issue at hand here is that the Travertine Pool Coping (1.25" thick) is meant to be used with the Travertine Pavers (1.25" thick) around a pool area. You could calculate the difference in thickness in order to install the Tiles and Pool Coping flush. When installing Travertine Tiles, clients typically go to the edge with the pattern and do not go with a border tile.

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