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Tile vs pavers

Question: We have a partially covered patio inside a screen enclosure. The patio currently has a textured and painted concrete. We also have a textured and painted concreat patio that is not covered and connects to the partially covered patio via a screen door. We would like to use the tile material for both patios but your site does not recommend using the tiles for this application. This will be Florida installation and freezing is not an issue. Will this work or not?

Answer: You could use either travertine pavers or travertine tiles on an existing concrete patio. Travertine pavers are less slippery compared to brushed & chiseled travertine tiles, but that does not mean the tiles are slippery.

However, if your project is not a pool deck, both products should be fine. We have numerous clients who have used travertine tiles for outdoors.

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