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Expansion Joints in Northern Climates

Question: I'm laying Travertine Pavers around a pool and pool house. Does Travertine need expansion material next to the building and against the pool coping? The pool coping will also be Travertine Pavers. I know with concrete you have to have expansion anywhere it touches something that doesn't move. I live in Michigan so we have freezing temperatures.

Answer: Yes, Travertine needs to be able to expand and contract in freeze/ thaw climates. The best option is to use a flexible mortar (such as Flex-Bond) on the pool coping and around the edges of your project, or anywhere that you would normally use traditional mortar.

Travertine should not be mortared in a freeze/ thaw climate. When Travertine does not have room to expand and contract with the cycles, it leads to cracking.

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