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Can I get lift gate or forklift for delivery?

Question: I am looking to put in a patio in the backyard. Upon delivery can the product be placed in the back or does it have to be dropped off in the front? Also, I have a full walkout basement in the back which means my home sits on a hill. Could this make a difference in their ability to deliver to the backyard?

Answer: Many states outside of Florida typically have access to a residential lift gate service, which is a curbside delivery. We are typically only able to provide forklift service to Central and South Florida. Lift gate service is only available on orders up to 20,000 lbs.

The delivery trucks are quite large (between 47 ft - 53 ft) and most freight companies will refuse to back up to your house due to the fear of cracking your driveway and/or other liability reasons. In addition, the truck needs to be level in order to use the lift gate, so they will not be able to unload on a hill.

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