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Cleaning Indoor Travertine Tiles

Question:  My tumbled travertine floor in my house has gotten a lot of dirt buildup in the little pores. What is the safest way to clean the tile? Also, what is the best sealer to use on a tumbled travertine floor? I just purchased a new home and would like to put the same floor in it, but am concerned about keeping it clean.

Answer:  The best way to clean travertine is with a bucket of water, a mild soap, and a soft-medium brush. duPont StoneTech has a spray cleaner that works well. If you have tough stains that will not come out, you can use a poultice. Miracle Sealants has a great one (Click to buy:

With regards to the sealer: DuPont™ StoneTech® (Click to buy: has some of the best sealers on the market. Just remember to test it on a small tile to make sure it is the look you want. 

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