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Installing Travertine Pavers outdoors in New York

Question: I just want to be sure that the Travertine Pavers are good for a patio in New York where, of course, we have freezing winters. 

Answer: Yes, all of our Premium Select Travertine Pavers have been freeze/thaw tested by an independent 3rd-party laboratory and passed without cracks or deformations. The most important factor to take into consideration is the way that they are installed. Travertine needs room to expand and contract in cold weather climates. Therefore, sand-setting is the most recommended installation method. Use a flexible mortar (such as Flex-Bond) around the borders to hold everything in place. 

Another alternative would be the use of Silca Grates which you can lay the Travertine Pavers directly on top of. Please contact us for an estimate on Silca Grates.  

We also offer a 1-year Limited Warranty that covers freeze/ thaw issues. For more information on our warranty:

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