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How do I estimate my square footage?

Q: I have a newly installed in-ground pool with side steps. How can I best measure the patio area for an accurate square footage estimate? I also want to install the coping myself. How do I estimate linear footage?

A: If you are looking to pave the entire deck with Travertine Pavers, you should take a measurement of the entire deck and subtract the area of the pool. 

For instance, if your patio area is 2000 sqft and the area of the pool itself is 500 sqft, you would need to pave 1500 sqft. 

To get the linear footage for the pool coping you would add together the measurements of the pool's sides. For instance, if your pool is a rectangle measuring 25 x 15, you would calculate: 25 + 15 + 25 + 15 = 80 linear feet

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