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Shipping of Travertine Pavers to Vero Beach, FL


1) Approximately how much overage would you suggest that I purchase ? 

2) I live in Vero beach 32963 and and Travertine can be dropped off on my driveway. Approximately what is the cost of shipping? 

3) Approximately how long does shipping take? 

4) On average what can I expect to pay as average price range for installation? Laying on grass, no cement work, no steps, or uneven surfaces


1) Installers usually suggest adding about 10% overage to cover waste, corners, cuts, and breakage.

2) Products can be dropped off on your driveway if it is accessible for the truck. For the requested quantity, shipping is approximately $225 including residential fees and lift gate service.

3) Delivery takes 2 to 4 business days.

4) Average installation price for sand and gravel based installation should be from $2.00 to $2.50/ sqft in your area.

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