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Can Travertine Pavers be used in cold weather climates?

Travertine Pavers are able to withstand cold weather conditions given that they have been properly installed and are Premium grade or higher.

Our Premium Select Travertine Pavers have passed independent 3rd-party lab tests for freeze/thaw cycle performance without any cracking or deformations. Technical specifications are located on each product page of our Premium Select Pavers.

If mud-setting Travertine Pavers in Northern States, a flexible mortar (Flex-Bond or similar) must be used instead of traditional cement products to prevent cracking during the freeze/thaw cycle.

Travertine Pavers are not only able to withstand freeze/thaw cycles but also extreme heat; their natural coolness provides an excellent walking surface for bare feet. For this reason, Travertine Pavers are the perfect solution for tropical and humid climates as well.

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